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Register today to get 
100% off a Doctor's Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis and ZRT Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot!
Over $800.00 retail value. Self-order only. Must have NPI & qualified license to place a Doctor's Data and/or ZRT, or utilize Rupa's Physician Services Program. Offer is only valid through Rupa Health (not directly through each lab), US orders only, exclusions apply for NY, NJ & RI. Offers expire April 19th, 2024.
Rupa Lab Essentials Bootcamp
April 5, 2024

Clinical Decision Guides for Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing with IFM

Join this illuminating bootcamp presented by IFM as we dive into the identification and interpretation of seminal biomarkers to determine which physiological dysfunctions are playing a role in a patient’s condition. This course includes six lesson modules and six live Q/A sessions with expert functional medicine educators ready to guide, inspire and help you hone your knowledge.

We have extended registration!
This bootcamp officially began on Monday, March 11th, and the first live class was held on March 14th. Registration will be open until Friday, April 5th. All live classes are recorded and available to enrolled students, so it's not too late! Register today and get access to all of the bootcamp's content!

Live calls with Carey Kunz, ND and invited speakers will be held on Thursdays @ 10am PST/1pm EST on March 14th, 21st, 28th, and April 4th, 11th & 18th.
All calls are recorded and accessible to enrolled practitioners.

Questions are always warmly welcomed, but case study submissions are not accepted for review with this bootcamp.

This bootcamp is for practitioners that hold an NPI number and/or are using Rupa's Physician Services Program.

This bootcamp is non-refundable.
Bootcamp Details

What You Get in This Bootcamp

Are you interested in beginning to use or expanding your skills in functional medicine laboratory tests of physiological dysfunction? Join a likeminded community in this six-week blended learning experience with convenient modules that you complete at your own pace and regularly scheduled Q/A sessions led by subject matter experts who can help you develop and refine your clinical skills.

Learn Even More About Functional Medicine with IFM!
Discover how you can use the functional medicine model to improve outcomes in your practice. IFM’s free Introduction to Functional Medicine course provides clinicians with a foundational overview of this model of care and outlines key principles, techniques, and tools that can improve the health outcomes of your patients. Start the Course Now!

Week 1: Laboratory Investigation of Gut Dysfunction and Stool Testing
Week 2: Laboratory Investigation of Adverse Food Reactions
Week 3: Laboratory Investigation of Cardiometabolic Risk Patterns
Week 4: Expanded Laboratory Investigation of Thyroid Dysfunction
Week 5: Laboratory Investigation of Adverse Reactions to Gluten and Wheat
Week 6: Laboratory Investigation of Mitochondrial Dysfunction
This bootcamp is non-refundable.



How to identify clinical patterns of physiological dysfunction

How to identify conventional laboratory biomarkers of physiological dysfunction

How to select patients for whom empirical treatment without lab testing is warranted

How and when to select advanced laboratory biomarkers of physiological dysfunction

How to interpret advanced laboratory biomarkers for physiological dysfunction

About the Instructors

Loved by Practitioners

Carey Kunz, ND
Clinical Content Developer, IFM

Carey Kunz, ND is a Clinical Content Developer at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). She completed her undergraduate program at DePauw University and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from a 4 year, accredited naturopathic medical program at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR.

At IFM, she supports the planning and production of courses, allowing her to stay up to date in the latest functional medicine research and work alongside some of the best functional medicine practitioners in the field. Dr. Kunz has managed a variety of projects and programs that are a part of the certification path for practitioners, including the Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module and Bioenergetics Advanced Practice Module.

In addition to working at IFM, she has a functional medicine practice in the Seattle area, where she sees patients part time.  

Robert Luby, MD
Director of Medical Education Initiatives, IFM

Prior to joining IFM in 2015, Robert Luby, MD spent 26 years as a board-certified family physician providing primary care in Latino community health centers, successfully applying the functional medicine model in these under-resourced settings. After also spending 16 of those years in academic medicine honing his skills in curriculum development and faculty training, he has taken over the reins of IFM’s Medical Education Department. Past teaching affiliations include Harvard, University of Massachusetts, Tufts University, Boston University, and the University of Vermont medical schools. Dr. Luby holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Dartmouth, and received his MD degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He was board certified in holistic medicine in 2002, and in 2013 joined the first class of IFM Certified Practitioners.

Alexis Gonzales, ND
Clinical Content Developer, IFM

Dr. Alexis Gonzales, commonly known as Dr. G, is a distinguished naturopathic doctor and IFM Certified Practitioner, specializing in endometriosis, fertility, and menstrual cycle health. Her career in medicine, deeply influenced by her personal experience with endometriosis, began with a residency at the Institute for Functional Medicine and Vida Integrated Health. This experience was instrumental in developing her expertise and reinforcing her dedication to empathetic patient care. Currently, as a Clinical Content Developer, Dr. Gonzales effectively combines her clinical knowledge and personal insights to produce impactful health education materials. Her private practice in Walnut Creek, CA, is marked by a holistic and patient-centered approach, aimed at thoroughly understanding and addressing the core issues related to endometriosis. Known for her deep empathy and attentive care, Dr. Gonzales empowers her patients to confidently manage their health, overcoming the challenges of their conditions to achieve a state of wellness and freedom.

Jennifer Jackson, MD

Jennifer Jackson, MD serves as the Associate Program Director for University of Kansas Internal Medicine Residency in Wichita dedicating her time training future doctors for the state of Kansas. She is board certified in internal medicine, hospice, and palliative care, and is certified by the Obesity Medicine Association and the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Jackson's passion lies in researching and teaching about a real food diet and sustainable agricultural practices as they relate to human health and environmental issues. In summer 2013, she and her family relocated to a 40 acre farm implementing a grass finished cattle and pastured poultry business using local distribution and “beyond organic” farming practices. Dr. Jackson is the founder of KU Wichita Functional Medicine which focuses on identifying factors underlying our chronic disease epidemics and focuses on reversing disorders using a system-based approach to health focusing on intensive lifestyle modification, microbiome manipulation and toxin reduction.

Myrto Ashe, MD

Myrto Ashe, MD, MPH, originally trained as a family physician and practiced 20 years in community health centers in Massachusetts, California, and Colorado. After noticing the failure of a conventional medical approach to improve symptoms for a close family member, she began studying alternatives to medications, and started trying some of these practices on herself and her family. The near immediate improvement in everyone’s health was so compelling that in 2011, she decided to orient her entire practice around functional medicine. Dr. Ashe is certified in functional medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine, and her consultation-based practice is located in California. Over the years, the focus of the practice has evolved. At this time, it centers on the restoration of a healthy gut microbiome, and the optimization of health parameters with the goal of healthy aging. The practice website is

Sanjay Bhojraj, MD

Sanjay Bhojraj, MD holds board certifications in both cardiovascular diseases and interventional cardiology. He spent the first 20 years of his career in a traditional cardiology practice, performing invasive cardiac procedures in the heart such as coronary stents and transcatheter valve replacements. He recognized the need for a more holistic and integrative approach to prevention of cardiovascular disease and found functional medicine as a perfect adjunct to his cardiology practice. He is now a certified practitioner of The Institute for Functional Medicine and has founded his new program, "," a 12-week program deeply rooted in principles of functional medicine that employs diet, sleep optimization, and stress management to reduce cardiometabolic risk.

Yousef Elyaman, MD, IFMCP

Dr. Yousef Elyaman is a highly accomplished and credentialed physician, with an impressive academic background that includes board certification in internal medicine and a cross-specialization in pediatrics. Additionally, he holds board certification in integrative medicine from the American Board of Physician Specialties. Moreover, Dr. Elyaman is one of the first graduates of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), where he earned his certification in functional medicine. His expertise also extends to psychological trauma, and he holds certification from Spirit2Spirit Healing.

Dr. Elyaman’s expertise in integrative and functional medicine are evidenced by his being on the teaching faculty team at IFM. In his role there, he lectures for their Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module; this experience has led him to speak at various organizations such as A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and Quest Diagnostics, to mention a few. His commitment to knowledge-sharing is further demonstrated by his leadership of the Functional Medicine Practitioners Forum, a widely popular Facebook group with active engagement from medical professionals around the world.  

Vivian Asamoah, MD

Vivian Asamoah, MD, has board certification in gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition. She completed her fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Post-fellowship, she earned her certification in functional medicine through The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). She currently owns and runs her private practice in Houston, Texas, where she merges cutting-edge, evidence-based methodologies in both conventional and functional medicine to achieve superior clinical outcomes for her patients. Dr. Asamoah is especially focused on algorithms that seek to improve gastrointestinal disorders such as IBD, IBS, SIBO, and celiac disease. She has lectured extensively on functional gastrointestinal disorders and continues to educate her patients with seminars at her conference center, which is associated with her practice in Houston. Among her publications are topics on celiac disease, micronutrient deficiencies, and metabolic disorders related to obesity. Her most recent publication is a collaboration with Dr. Gerard Mullin of Johns Hopkins titled “Complementary health approaches for irritable bowel syndrome.” She is currently involved in research seeking optimal nutritional strategies for patients with NAFLD.

David Haase, MD

David Haase, MD is the founder and medical director of the MaxWell Clinic which was established in 2003 and now has two locations in Tennessee. Dr. Haase is co-founder of MD Omics, a company that analyzes complex data sets to enable more precise clinical care, as well as a nonprofit organization that helps youths make healthier choices for their bodies and their communities ( He is the chief medical and innovation director for XYMOGEN, a leading professional nutraceutical company, as well as chief medical officer for TrendShift which specializes in personal risk factor monitoring, health trend tracking, and healthcare cost reduction for large employers. Dr. Haase serves as medical advisor to Evoke Neuroscience, a company that delivers technologies that promote brain health, and Metabolon, which develops metabolomics diagnostics for precision medicine.

He is a doctor, teacher, and innovator who is deeply committed to maximizing wellness one unique person at a time. Dr. Haase received his medical training at Vanderbilt University and completed his residency in family medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is board certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine and was in the first class graduating class of IFM Certified Practitioners.

This bootcamp is non-refundable.

About the Testing Covered

About the Included Tests

Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot
ZRT Laboratory
Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Doctor's Data
This bootcamp is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Coupon

Do I qualify for a coupon/discount?

In order to use a coupon/discount associated with a Rupa University bootcamp, you must be qualified to sign up for a Rupa Health account. You can not be ordering in NY, NJ, RI, or internationally. In addition, coupons are for self orders only and may not be used on patients, staff, or family.

I practice in NY, NJ, or RI, can I still use the coupon/discount for the test as part of the bootcamp?

You can still sign up for the bootcamp as a health care practitioner but unfortunately, Rupa can not handle tests ordered in those states EVEN if you can order the test from the lab directly. The cost for the bootcamp is the same.

Can I use the coupon(s) with an order that goes through Physician Services?

This bootcamp's coupon cannot be used with Rupa's Physican Services.

Do I qualify for a coupon/discount?

In order to use a coupon/discount associated with a Rupa University bootcamp, you must be qualified to sign up for a Rupa Health account. You can not be ordering in NY, NJ, RI, or internationally. In addition, coupons are for self orders only and may not be used on patients, staff, or family.

I practice in NY, NJ, or RI, can I still use the coupon/discount for the test as part of the bootcamp?

You can still sign up for the bootcamp as a health care practitioner but unfortunately, Rupa can not handle tests ordered in those states EVEN if you can order the test from the lab directly. The cost for the bootcamp is the same.

About the Bootcamp

Does Rupa University offer degrees or accreditations?

No, Rupa University does not offer degrees or any form of accreditations. Our mission is to provide affordable education by bringing in world class experts to teach about lab testing.

I’m not able to take this bootcamp now due to timing, will you offer it again in the future?

Most likely! Right now, the goal of Rupa is to offer a variety of bootcamps throughout the year to help you understand different topics and tests at a tactical level so you can immediately incorporate what you learn with your practice.

Where can I access the bootcamp once I am signed up?

After you are signed up for the bootcamp and have created your account, you can login at!

Will I be able to ask personal medical questions in the live Q&A about my results?

As the live Q&A classes are not HIPAA compliant and not part of a medical visit, personal medical advice will not be discussed.

How will I be able to ask questions to the bootcamp instructor?

Every week during the bootcamp, there will be a 60min live Q&A webinar where you can ask questions in the chat.

How long are the pre-recorded videos and the live Q&A classes?

The pre-recorded classes are a variety of lengths from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

The live classes are always 60 minutes long.

I’m using this test in my practice but would like to learn more, will the classes teach advanced information?

It will be a mix. There will be more foundational level videos to help set the stage if you are newer and more advanced level clinical pearls, videos, or questions answered during the live Q&A sessions.

I’m new to functional/integrative medicine, will this bootcamp help?

Yes! There will be a mix of foundational classes to help get you introduced to the topic up to more advanced clinical pearls and information that build on each other. The live class Q&A sessions will also be a mix of beginning to advanced information. The goal is to have everyone who goes through the bootcamp feeling more confident about ordering and understanding the test.

Are there pre-requisites I need to take to sign up for the bootcamp?

No! Feel free to sign-up and jump in to learn all about this lab and topic!

Does Rupa University offer certifications or other credentials?

We do not — our mission with Rupa University is to bring in industry experts to create extremely high quality affordable education that centers around lab work. The goal of this education is to help practitioners deepen their understanding about the root cause of illness, and to provide actionable information that they can take into their practice.

Are there CME credits for bootcamps or live classes?

Sadly no. There are many rules associated with CME credits that prevent us from teaching about actionable products (like protocols, tests and more) that are a core part of our live classes and bootcamps. Our education is designed to level up practitioners and give you actionable tools to quickly become more successful.

Will you have access to the presentations and materials after the bootcamp?

Yes! You will have access to all of the presentations and materials associated with a bootcamp for up to 12 months after the start date.

Can I get a refund?

We want to make sure you're getting the most out of your bootcamp experience! Our prices reflect the high-quality educational content provided in each course. Just a friendly reminder that coupons are supplemental to the education and hold no cash value. For this reason, we are not able to re-issue expired coupons.

Our Rupa University bootcamps are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another. We know that things come up (life happens!), so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're always here to help! 💙

When is the deadline for signing up?

You are welcome to sign up all the way until the day the bootcamp begins.

Are patients/clients allowed to take these bootcamps?

Sadly no, the Rupa University bootcamps are for healthcare practitioners only.

I don’t have a NPI number, can I still join the bootcamp or live class?

Yes! You can still attend a bootcamp or live class no matter your license type or NPI number. You can also apply for Rupa's Physician Services to use the coupon!

I don’t live in the United States, can I still join a bootcamp or live class?

Yes you can still join a bootcamp or live class no matter what country you are from as a healthcare practitioner! You won’t be able to use the coupon or discount, but you can still attend the class. Unfortunately, there is not a price reduction if you can not use the coupon.

Do you cover exact protocols as part of your bootcamps?

Protocols are often (but not always) discussed in our bootcamps. A core part of lifestyle medicine is treating the individual, having a “standard protocol” is not always the right approach but can often be a useful starting point for learning about a disease or condition. Both functional and conventional approaches will be covered such as supplements and medications commonly in use.

What is the difference between a “ free live class” and the bootcamps?

The live classes are a free hour long weekly webinar you can sign up for as a practitioner on the Rupa platform. They are generally quick introductions to a lab, topic, health concern, or research by an expert that varies every week.

The bootcamp is a paid 4-6 week in-depth training that involve pre-recorded videos and live Q&A classes to help you understand a particular topic and test much more in-depth from a practical and tactical point of view.

Are other discount codes available I can use for being part of a group or organization?

At this time, there are not additional discount codes that can be used outside of the Rupa University Bootcamp test code for qualified practitioners to use on themself.

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I’m new to Rupa, will there be any information about how to use the Rupa platform, the dashboard or a demo?

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