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Do you work for a hospital or large healthcare system and want custom made bootcamps to teach your providers about specialty lab testing?
Get volume pricing for a large group of students!
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We can tailer your educational program to fit your practice type.
Have full control over the launch of the program, the timing of the live calls, and when it is delivered.
Get free lab tests as part of our enterprise programs. Taking the lab test yourself is a critical component of learning about the lab test.
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Christina B
Always wonderful gives me perspective of what I still have to learn. Thanks!
Kelly U
This was very helpful & practical information for an FM provider.
Natty G
Dr. Carrie Jones is such an amazing DUTCH test and hormone expert. Love listening to her insight.
Amy H
EXCELLENT WEBINAR!! Dr. Kalish is very knowledgeable, interesting and appears to have a brilliant business mind. I hope to apply the information that I learned today in the building of my own online business. I also look forward to the two upcoming boot camps to expand my knowledge on labs and am excited about working with Rupa Health in this endeavor.
Judy M
Carrie is a fantastic teacher, love her and this test and now I know more about how to use it, thanks Rupa Health
Kim F
I appreciate the usefulness and application of Dr. Carrie's delivery of this topic. I feel like I will be able to refer back to her slides and this presentation when I have a PCOS client in front of me and be able to better help them with this information!