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Bootcamps are paid 6-week programs that deep dive into a specific topic. They are designed to not only teach you the fundamentals of labs, but to also learn about the conditions, treatments, and studies surrounding them.

Learn On Your Time
You're busy so we use a combination pre-recorded modules AND live classes (recorded and sent out afterwards) for your convenience. This allows you control and flexibility in your schedule. Complete the bootcamp on your own time or show up live to ask questions to the professor.
Taught by Industry Experts
It's impossible for any one person to be an expert on 3,000+ different lab tests. We bring in the absolute best experts in each field & category of tests to teach you about how to understand and apply these specialty labs.
Starting Protocols
A core tenant of lifestyle medicine means no one protocol fits every patient. However, you have to start somewhere especially if you're newer. We cover common treatment options from both a conventional and functional perspective including the reasoning and science behind it.
Show Me The Studies
Learn about the scientific studies behind specialty labs and the health conditions that surround them. We dive into not only what to do but the research that supports it.

Upcoming Bootcamps

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