Varun Dwaraka, PhD

Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic

Dr. Dwaraka is the Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic, and an aging and longevity investigator specializing in epigenetics and bioinformatics. He has co-authored numerous publications relating to genetics, epigenetic clocks, DNA methylation, and tissue regeneration. In 2020, Dr. Dwaraka was elected as a full member to the Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society in 2019, and is a 2023 Foresight Fellow in Biotechnology and Health Expansion, awarded by the Foresight Institute. He also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for SRW Labs based in New Zealand, offering insight into the application and interpretation of epigenetic age biomarkers. Dr. Dwaraka is passionate about implementing machine learning methods to advance predictive medicine, identify novel biomarkers, and create algorithms to better understand the biology of aging.

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