Richard Bernert, MD

Dr. Bernert is a Clinical Associate Professor at Midwestern University with expertise in laboratory medicine, education, medical leadership, and the business of medicine. Dr. Bernert completed his residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson followed by a Fellowship in Dermatopathology under the Direction of A. Bernard Ackerman in Philadelphia. Major Bernert then served in the USAF at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB before returning to Arizona where he served as Medical Director for the state’s busiest laboratory, started his own dermatopathology practice, and later merged it with Sonic Healthcare USA. Throughout his career he has been medical director of high-complexity laboratories, provided strategic planning and business development for private and public organizations, impacted state legislation on behalf of physicians, and continues to train medical students, residents, and peers. As an anatomic and clinical pathologist, he has seen the devastating impacts of advanced stage cancer on patients. For the concluding chapter of his career, Richard has turned his attention to having a greater impact on patients at the earliest stage possible - when malignancy is curable and is focused on cancer diagnostics through epigenomic testing.

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