Debbie Rice, ND, MPH

Director of Clinical Education at The DUTCH Test

Dr. Debbie Rice is the Director of Clinical Education at the DUTCH test and also maintains a micropractice in which she focuses primarily on hormone and women’s health. Dr. Rice obtained her degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, has worked with international health care communities, and received her Master of Public Health to continue her passion for national and international health care. She has extensive training in hormones and endocrinology from key leaders in the functional medicine world and continues to pursue her passion for education, learning, and getting her hands dirty in research and collaborative efforts. She enjoys speaking and working closely with other big brains in the hormone world.

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Nutrition, Movement and Mindfulness Mentorship Program
Want to take your nutrition skill to the next level so that you can your clients truly heal using food-as-medicine? Or maybe you're wanting to finally master the vagus nerve and mindfulness so you can help your clients find peace and happiness from the inside out! Dr. Arianne Missimer is leading a revolutionary mentorship program to help empower clinicians to master the use of vitamins, minerals, macros, mindfulness and more in their practices. As a physical therapist, registered dietitian, IFM certified practitioner and mindfulness instructor, Dr. Arianne's program is designed to build your own resilience as a practitioner so that your practice and your clients become stronger as a result! As a business owner, she's also passionate about teaching other practitioners how to build thriving practices that feed their soul!
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Rupa Health Mentorship Program
The GI-Health Mentorship Program
Whether you're starting a new practice or looking to enhance an established one, our mentorship program is designed to inspire success and innovation. You'll learn practical skills and strategies that are critical in today's dynamic world of functional medicine and gastrointestinal health. You'll graduate feeling confident, supported and energized!
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