Halland Chen, MD

Longevity & NAD+ Specialist | Cellular Expert | Concierge Doctor | Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Halland is a Double Board-Certified physician specializing in natural ways for patients to heal faster and feel better. He is an expert in longevity, NAD, stem cells, peak performance, anti-aging and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries.

As a Double Board-Certified physician, Dr. Halland specializes in interventional pain management, peak performance and longevity through Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Halland has traveled the world to learn and lecture with the top thought-leaders and innovators in the field of anti-aging, incorporating global discoveries and advanced pioneering technologies into his multidisciplinary practice and projects. He works with corporations to create wellness programs and likewise sees his Concierge clients one-on-one to create personalized treatment plans so they can lead longer, healthier, and optimized lives. By using cutting-edge techniques from Regenerative Medicine, biohacking, and supplementation, he helps clients find their best self by addressing systemic health concerns, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, improving sleep, achieving longevity and working towards peak performance.

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