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Choosing the Best Salivary Hormone Profile for Your Patient
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Choosing the Best Salivary Hormone Profile for Your Patient

March 16, 2022
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About this class

​​Join us in this Live Class where Dr. Heather Hydzik ND, Staff Physician at Doctors Data provides an in-depth presentation on choosing the best salivary hormone profile for your patient.

​This live class will cover the following:

  • ​A comparison of two comprehensive steroid hormone panels and for which patients each is best-suited. Learn about the progesterone to estradiol ratio and the estrogen quotient, what these are and how these will help you in your practice. A walk through of these 2 hormone panels with male and female case examples.
  • ​Discussion of test bioavailable/active levels of hormones directly rather than relying on a calculation. Salivary hormone testing can be used to monitor therapeutic levels of supplemented hormones by any route of delivery, and is uniquely suited to monitoring transdermal therapies, while other testing matrices fall short in this capability.
  • ​Many patients seek out functional medicine practitioners for help with hormone imbalance symptoms. Salivary hormone testing can help elucidate imbalances or deficiencies that underlie a wide array of patient complaints – from irregular cycles to hot flashes, to fatigue and prostate complaints.
  • ​Find out the easiest way to test men’s and women’s hormones before and after utilizing any type of hormone therapy. Learn how you can order all the (adrenal and reproductive) hormone markers you need in one panel.

​​This free course is hosted by Rupa Health, the best way to order functional & integrative tests from 20+ specialty labs, reducing your time spent ordering labs by 90% and helping you provide a superior patient experience.

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