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How to use the HuMAP test to Optimize Detoxification and Breast Health
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How to use the HuMAP test to Optimize Detoxification and Breast Health

August 31, 2022
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About this class

Exposure to estrogen is a known potential risk factor in breast pathology. While saliva hormone levels elucidate tissue exposure, this may only be a part of the breast health story. The rest of the story involves the metabolism and excretion of hormones. This lecture will touch on estrogen metabolism and the estrobolome, highlighting urinary hormone and metabolite markers of breast health and detoxification. The clinician will gain an understanding of phase 1, 2, and 3 metabolism, leaving with clinical pearls regarding lifestyle, nutrition, order of treatment, and nutraceutical interventions to assist in optimal breast health.   

Learning Objectives: 

1.      Review breast health risk factors, including the role of estrogen and estrogen metabolism 

2.      Pinpoint key enzymes known to play a role in breast cancer 

3.      Review markers of oxidative damage 

4.      View examples of estrone and estradiol conjugation via COMT activity 

5.      Learn how to modulate enzyme function with natural therapies to improve estrogen metabolism 

6.      Learn how to identify the potential for reactive intermediates and ways to dampen oxidation 

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