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Nitric Oxide: A Cornerstone of Functional Medicine
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About this class

​​​​​​​This presentation will provide an in-depth understanding of the clinical evidence surrounding the role of nitric oxide (NO) in promoting overall health outcomes for your patients. Explore many mechanisms through which NO affects the cardiovascular and circulatory system including it’s critical role in cognitive function, sexual performance and gut health. The presentation will also examine the scientific research linking nitrate-based dietary interventions and supplementation to support NO levels in patients, especially as they age.  By the end of this presentation, practitioners will not only possess comprehensive knowledge of latest available evidence but also how they can start to effectively leverage Nitric Oxide in their patient protocols.

You'll Learn:

  • An overview of Nitric Oxide’s role in the body and changes that occur with age.
  • Symptoms of low Nitric Oxide and how to identify this in your patients.
  • Comparing the Nitric Oxide products available to patients.
  • Core Nitric Oxide Applications:  Sexual Health, Fertility, Cognitive Health, Inflammation.
  • Tests available through Rupa that that may see improvement with Nitric Oxide support.

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