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Telomere Testing: What You Need to Know
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This class is recorded and distributed after the event to all who sign up.

​Telomere Testing has gained enormous attention in recent years and Spectracell Laboratories was the very first lab in the United States to offer this unique biomarker to the general public.  In this class, you will learn the science behind telomeres, how nutrients impact telomere length, and how not all telomere tests are the same.  Further, you will be shown how to interpret your telomere result, and more importantly what to do about it. Finally, you will be shown interesting new research on the link between telomeres and COVID outcomes. As a great general marker for cellular aging, telomeres give you an insight into cellular health not found in mainstream diagnostics.  

​What You'll Learn:

  • ​What are telomeres and why should we measure them?
  • ​What are the three “types” of test results?
  • ​How exactly do nutrients specifically protect telomeres?
  • ​Why does the manner of sample collection matter?
  • ​Is telomere length a new biomarker for COVID prognosis?

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