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Lab Testing 101: Which Labs to Order First
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Lab Testing 101: Which Labs to Order First

October 25, 2023
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When you first start taking patients, it's exciting to think about all the benefits functional medicine lab testing will deliver to your patients. But how do you identify the patients who will benefit from lab testing and which labs to order first?

​Join Dr. Dan Kalish, founder of The Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine, to learn how to determine which labs to order first based on your patients’ symptoms, and how to communicate effectively with each patient to best support their long-term health journey.

​In this live class, we'll cover subjects like:

  • ​Why do lab testing?
  • ​Which test to order first?
  • ​Who to test?
  • ​How to educate patients on the benefits of lab testing?
  • ​What to do when the results are delivered?
  • ​What to do if your patients think tests are too expensive.

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