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100% off a TruAge Complete Collection by TruDiagnostic
$499.00 retail value. Self-order only. Must have a NPI & qualified license to place an TruDiagnostic order through Rupa Health, or be approved for Rupa's Physician Services Program. US only, not valid in NY, NJ or Rl.
Register today to get 
100% off a TruAge Complete Collection by TruDiagnostic
$499.00 retail value. Self-order only. Must have a NPI & qualified license to place an TruDiagnostic order through Rupa Health, or be approved for Rupa's Physician Services Program. US only, not valid in NY, NJ or Rl.
Rupa Lab Essentials Bootcamp
November 6, 2023

Aging and Methylation: Introduction to Epigenetic & Age Testing and Diagnostics with TruDiagnostic

Join this groundbreaking bootcamp series to learn about DNA methylation and epigenetic technology breakthroughs from experts like Dr. Jeffery Bland, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and more! Epigenetic methylation is expected to overtake genetic testing in frequency over the next 5 years and clinicians need to be prepared. This course includes six live sessions with experts in aging who are ready to guide, inspire and help you hone your knowledge.

Live calls with invited speakers will be at 4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST on Monday, November 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, & December 4th and 11th.  All calls are 60 minutes, recorded and will be made accessible to enrolled students. Pre-recorded content also available to watch on-demand. Dr. Jeffrey Bland will be joining as a guest speaker for the November 20th & 27th live classes.

Refunds available until November 3, 2023.
Bootcamp Details

What You Get in This Bootcamp

Are you interested in beginning to use or expanding your skills in functional medicine laboratory tests of physiological dysfunction? Join a likeminded community in this six-week blended learning experience with convenient modules that you complete at your own pace and regularly scheduled Q/A sessions led by subject matter experts who can help you develop and refine your clinical skills.

As a bonus - this course comes with a TruAge Complete Collection test, which allows practitioners to understand their health in a way that truly brings the aspects of this course to life. $499.00 retail value. Self-order only. Must have a NPI & qualified license to place a TruDiagnostic test order through Rupa Health or be approved for Rupa's Physician Services Program. US only, not valid in NY NJ Rl.


Weekly pre-recorded videos that cover the basics of the microbiome, mycobiome, commensals, opportunistic microbes, gut inflammation, treatment, and more

Bootcamp Takeaways

Learn important clinical pearls regarding the test results by section and the appropriate protocols for you and your patients

Case Studies

Actual case studies are reviewed in both the pre-recorded lectures and live classes to help with practitioner knowledge and application.

Weekly live Q&A calls

Cases are reviewed and questions are answered in real-time as a group to help you better support patient outcomes. These are recorded live and will be uploaded in the class each week.


Additional resources to use in your clinic and with your clients in the form of research studies, books, magazine articles, Rupa live class links, and more are provided.

Refunds available until November 3, 2023.


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Learn about the history and newests breakthroughs in Epigenetic age testing from Harvard researchers.

Discover the best ways to reverse aging through validated interventions.

Understand the multiple ways DNAm can be used outside of aging to quantify hormones, plasmalogens, nutrition, and more.

Learn about advancements in early stage liquid biopsy cancer detection.

Learn the difference between intracellular and extracellular NAD+ testing and the ways to improve NAD+ levels in your patients.

About the Instructors

Loved by Practitioners

Ryan Smith
Founder of TruDiagnostic

Ryan received a BA in biochemistry from Transylvania University before heading to medical school in 2013. After passing USMLE Step 1, he decided to leave and open up a pharmacy in the United States that focused on peptide synthesis and formulations for pharmaceutical preparations. That pharmacy, Tailor Made Compounding, became the 4th fastest growing company in healthcare in the US and grew to 80 million in revenue within 3 years.  Through this pharmacy work, Ryan saw the value of preventative medicine.  Many of the physicians Tailor Made served were treating age as a disease and a primary outcome but needed better tools to measure this process. As a result, Ryan exited Tailor Made in 2020 to create TruDiagnostic.

TruDiagnostic is a CLIA certified lab and health data company which specializes in understanding and reporting insights found through Epigenetic methylation data. Since starting in 2020, TruDiagnostic has created the largest private epigenetic database in the world with over 15,000 patients tested on the EPIC850k array.  From this dataset, they have created many new algorithms to interpret methylation data including algorithms to predict inflammatory markers, disease diagnosis, telomere length, aging pace, immune cell subsets, cellular replication, and more.

Jessica Lasky-Su, DSc, MS
Associate Professor in Medicine and Associate Statistician, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Lasky-Su has been a leader in applying metabolomics research to epidemiology, covering a range of chronic diseases over the life course, with a focus on respiratory outcomes (e.g. asthma). Much of her work has focused on “integrative metabolomics” - the integration of other omics with using a metabolomic-centric perspective to study complex diseases. With integrative metabolomics as an emerging field, Dr. Lasky’s scholarship has contributed broadly, with peer-reviewed publications that focus on a range of disease outcomes (cancers, respiratory, ocular, infections, metabolic, neurodevelopment/mental health) and exposures (air pollutants, PFAS, nutrition, exercise) that may have an impact on health over the life course. Her investigative success is also demonstrated with >225 peer-reviewed publications. To date, she has been invited to give > 40 national and international talks. Dr. Lasky-Su has recently expanded her focus to study multiomics over the life course in the context of aging using the Mass General Brigham (MGB-Biobank), where she has generated a large, curated biobank cohort with multiomic data. As the most recent past president of the Metabolomics Society – the largest metabolomics society in the world – and the chairman of the NIH’s Consortium of Metabolomics Studies (COMETS) consortium – the largest international consortium of prospective metabolomics cohorts – over the past four years, her leadership in this area is unparalleled. She has also spearheaded new efforts, including initiating STROBE-metabolomics to provide reporting guidelines in this area and the Metabolomic Epidemiology Task Group to define and formalize this emerging field of study. In addition, Dr. Lasky-Su has extensive funding in multiomics; she is the PI/MPI of 4 current NIH R01s in metabolomics, the PI on multiple private grants, and the Consortium PI several R/U NIH grants. Her success is also reflected in the success of her mentees and co-mentees who have received K grants and gone on to have successful research careers, with some achieving a rank as high as full professor.

Dr. Jeffery Bland, PhD
Founder of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Dr. Jeffrey Bland is a personable and highly respected thought leader who has spent more than four decades focused on the improvement of human health. He is known worldwide as the founder of the Functional Medicine movement, which represents his vision for a care model that is grounded in systems biology and informed by research that he has a unique ability to synthesize. His pioneering work has created the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI), as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the global leader in Functional Medicine education. Since 1991, hundreds of thousands of healthcare practitioners have participated in PLMI and IFM programs, and this collective knowledge has positively impacted the lives of patients all over the world.

Dr. Bland began his career as a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Puget Sound. He is a natural educator and became involved with numerous academic institutions during the years he spent teaching. This includes the significant contributions he made to the founding and accreditation of Bastyr University, the first federally accredited university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in natural medicine in the US. In the early 1980s, Dr. Bland was hand-selected by two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling to serve as Director of Nutritional Research at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. This experience marked both a personal and professional inflection point for Dr. Bland that has become an integral part of his career.

As an expert in a field he helped to establish—science-based nutrition—Dr. Bland has become an iconic figure in the natural products industry. He worked alongside other founders to establish standards for evidence-based formulations, quality ingredient sourcing, and ethical manufacturing practices that stand to this day. He continues to serve as a dynamic mentor and advisor to a new generation of industry leaders.

Dr. Bland is the author of best-selling books and over 120 peer-reviewed research publications. He speaks extensively, and his engaging style makes him popular with both professional and consumer audiences. Dr. Bland’s latest project is Big Bold Health, launched in 2018. He’s on a mission to transform the way people think about one of nature’s greatest innovations: the immune system. Through Big Bold Health, Dr. Bland is advocating for the power of immuno-rejuvenation to enhance immunity at a global level. It is an ambitious and purpose-driven effort that encompasses his active stance on regenerative agriculture, environmental stewardship, and planetary health.

Edwin Lee, MD, FACE

Dr. Lee is an endocrinologist, author and international speaker. Dr. Lee founded the Institute for Hormonal Balance, Orlando, FL in 2008, is board certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and has completed special training in Regenerative and Functional Medicine. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania and finished his 2 fellowships (Critical Care and Endocrinology) at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of many books and the latest one is The Fountain of Youth with Peptides.

Dr. Lee is the lead investigator for an IRB approved senolytic study investigating the role of Dasatinib and Quercetin on the changes of the immune system, reducing biological aging, and possible reduction of senescence. He recently published the first human trial of using BPC157 injected into the knee joint for knee pain. Currently, he is the assistant professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Lee is a co founder of Clinical Peptide Society and has taught many physicians on the power of regenerative peptides.

Varun Dwaraka, PhD
Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic

Dr. Dwaraka is the Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic, and an aging and longevity investigator specializing in epigenetics and bioinformatics. He has co-authored numerous publications relating to genetics, epigenetic clocks, DNA methylation, and tissue regeneration. In 2020, Dr. Dwaraka was elected as a full member to the Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society in 2019, and is a 2023 Foresight Fellow in Biotechnology and Health Expansion, awarded by the Foresight Institute. He also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for SRW Labs based in New Zealand, offering insight into the application and interpretation of epigenetic age biomarkers. Dr. Dwaraka is passionate about implementing machine learning methods to advance predictive medicine, identify novel biomarkers, and create algorithms to better understand the biology of aging.

Kara Fitzgerald, ND

Kara Fitzgerald, ND, received her doctor of naturopathic medicine degree from theNational University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She completed the firstCouncil on Naturopathic Medicine-accredited post-doctorate position in nutritionalbiochemistry and laboratory science at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory (now GenovaDiagnostics) under the direction of Richard Lord, PhD. Her residency was completed atProgressive Medical Center, a large, integrative medical practice in Atlanta, Georgia.Dr. Fitzgerald is the lead author and editor of Case Studies in Integrative and FunctionalMedicine and is a contributing author to Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative andFunctional Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)’s Textbook forFunctional Medicine. Most recently, with Romilly Hodges, she authored the eBook TheMethylation Diet and Lifestyle. Dr. Fitzgerald is actively engaged in clinical research on themethylome using diet and lifestyle interventions in conjunction with Helfgott ResearchInstitute. She is a research clinician for The Institute for Therapeutic Discovery. Dr.Fitzgerald is on the faculty at IFM, is an IFM Certified Practitioner and lectures globally onfunctional medicine. She runs a Functional Medicine Clinic Immersion program forprofessionals and maintains a podcast series, New Frontiers in Functional Medicine and anactive blog on her website, Her clinical practice is in SandyHook, Connecticut.

Hannah Went
Director of Operations at TruDiagnostic

Hannah Went has a lifelong passion for longevity and breakthrough, disruptive technologies that drive radical improvement to the human condition. She attended the University of Kentucky and graduated with a degree in Biology. During that time, she had multiple research internships studying cell signaling and cell biology. After graduation, she worked for the International Peptide Society as their Director of Research and Content. Through work in the integrative medicine industry, Hannah saw an opportunity for methylation based age diagnostics and started TruDiagnostics in 2020. TruDiagnostic is a company focusing on methylation array-based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare serving functional medicine providers. TruDiagnostic has a commitment to research with over 30 approved clinical trials investigating the epigenetic methylation changes of longevity and health interventions. Since TruDiagnostic’s inception, they have created one of the largest private epigenetic health databases in the world with over 30,000 patients tested to date. Hannah has since created Everything Epigenetics where she shares  insights on how DNA regulation has an impact on your health.

Richard Bernert, MD

Dr. Bernert is a Clinical Associate Professor at Midwestern University with expertise in laboratory medicine, education, medical leadership, and the business of medicine. Dr. Bernert completed his residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson followed by a Fellowship in Dermatopathology under the Direction of A. Bernard Ackerman in Philadelphia. Major Bernert then served in the USAF at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB before returning to Arizona where he served as Medical Director for the state’s busiest laboratory, started his own dermatopathology practice, and later merged it with Sonic Healthcare USA. Throughout his career he has been medical director of high-complexity laboratories, provided strategic planning and business development for private and public organizations, impacted state legislation on behalf of physicians, and continues to train medical students, residents, and peers. As an anatomic and clinical pathologist, he has seen the devastating impacts of advanced stage cancer on patients. For the concluding chapter of his career, Richard has turned his attention to having a greater impact on patients at the earliest stage possible - when malignancy is curable and is focused on cancer diagnostics through epigenomic testing.

Halland Chen, MD
Longevity & NAD+ Specialist | Cellular Expert | Concierge Doctor | Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Halland is a Double Board-Certified physician specializing in natural ways for patients to heal faster and feel better. He is an expert in longevity, NAD, stem cells, peak performance, anti-aging and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries.

As a Double Board-Certified physician, Dr. Halland specializes in interventional pain management, peak performance and longevity through Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Halland has traveled the world to learn and lecture with the top thought-leaders and innovators in the field of anti-aging, incorporating global discoveries and advanced pioneering technologies into his multidisciplinary practice and projects. He works with corporations to create wellness programs and likewise sees his Concierge clients one-on-one to create personalized treatment plans so they can lead longer, healthier, and optimized lives. By using cutting-edge techniques from Regenerative Medicine, biohacking, and supplementation, he helps clients find their best self by addressing systemic health concerns, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, improving sleep, achieving longevity and working towards peak performance.

Refunds available until November 3, 2023.

About the Testing Covered

TruAge Complete Collection
Refunds available until November 3, 2023.

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Do I qualify for a coupon/discount?

In order to use a coupon/discount associated with a Rupa University bootcamp, you must be qualified to sign up for a Rupa Health account. You can not be ordering in NY, NJ, RI, or internationally. In addition, coupons are for self orders only and may not be used on patients, staff, or family.

I practice in NY, NJ, or RI, can I still use the coupon/discount for the test as part of the bootcamp?

You can still sign up for the bootcamp as a health care practitioner but unfortunately, Rupa can not handle tests ordered in those states EVEN if you can order the test from the lab directly. The cost for the bootcamp is the same.

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Does Rupa University offer degrees or accreditations?

No, Rupa University does not offer degrees or any form of accreditations. Our mission is to provide affordable education by bringing in world class experts to teach about lab testing.

I’m not able to take this bootcamp now due to timing, will you offer it again in the future?

Most likely! Right now, the goal of Rupa is to offer a variety of bootcamps throughout the year to help you understand different topics and tests at a tactical level so you can immediately incorporate what you learn with your practice.

Where can I access the bootcamp once I am signed up?

After you are signed up for the bootcamp and have created your account, you can login at!

Will I be able to ask personal medical questions in the live Q&A about my results?

As the live Q&A classes are not HIPAA compliant and not part of a medical visit, personal medical advice will not be discussed.

How will I be able to ask questions to the bootcamp instructor?

Every week during the bootcamp, there will be a 60min live Q&A webinar where you can ask questions in the chat.

How long are the pre-recorded videos and the live Q&A classes?

The pre-recorded classes are a variety of lengths from 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

The live classes are always 60 minutes long.

I’m using this test in my practice but would like to learn more, will the classes teach advanced information?

It will be a mix. There will be more foundational level videos to help set the stage if you are newer and more advanced level clinical pearls, videos, or questions answered during the live Q&A sessions.

I’m new to functional/integrative medicine, will this bootcamp help?

Yes! There will be a mix of foundational classes to help get you introduced to the topic up to more advanced clinical pearls and information that build on each other. The live class Q&A sessions will also be a mix of beginning to advanced information. The goal is to have everyone who goes through the bootcamp feeling more confident about ordering and understanding the test.

Are there pre-requisites I need to take to sign up for the bootcamp?

No! Feel free to sign-up and jump in to learn all about this lab and topic!

Does Rupa University offer certifications or other credentials?

We do not — our mission with Rupa University is to bring in industry experts to create extremely high quality affordable education that centers around lab work. The goal of this education is to help practitioners deepen their understanding about the root cause of illness, and to provide actionable information that they can take into their practice.

Are there CME credits for bootcamps or live classes?

Sadly no. There are many rules associated with CME credits that prevent us from teaching about actionable products (like protocols, tests and more) that are a core part of our live classes and bootcamps. Our education is designed to level up practitioners and give you actionable tools to quickly become more successful.

Will you have access to the presentations and materials after the bootcamp?

Yes! You will have access to all of the presentations and materials associated with a bootcamp for up to 12 months after the start date.

Can I get a refund?

We want to make sure you're getting the most out of your bootcamp experience! Our prices reflect the high-quality educational content provided in each course. Just a friendly reminder that coupons are supplemental to the education and hold no cash value. For this reason, we are not able to re-issue expired coupons.

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You are welcome to sign up all the way until the day the bootcamp begins.

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Sadly no, the Rupa University bootcamps are for healthcare practitioners only.

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Yes! You can still attend a bootcamp or live class no matter your license type or NPI number. You can also apply for Rupa's Physician Services to use the coupon!

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Do you cover exact protocols as part of your bootcamps?

Protocols are often (but not always) discussed in our bootcamps. A core part of lifestyle medicine is treating the individual, having a “standard protocol” is not always the right approach but can often be a useful starting point for learning about a disease or condition. Both functional and conventional approaches will be covered such as supplements and medications commonly in use.

What is the difference between a “ free live class” and the bootcamps?

The live classes are a free hour long weekly webinar you can sign up for as a practitioner on the Rupa platform. They are generally quick introductions to a lab, topic, health concern, or research by an expert that varies every week.

The bootcamp is a paid 4-6 week in-depth training that involve pre-recorded videos and live Q&A classes to help you understand a particular topic and test much more in-depth from a practical and tactical point of view.

Are other discount codes available I can use for being part of a group or organization?

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