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Addressing the Root Cause of Eczema: the Gut Microbiome
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Eczema affects over 20 million Americans, and it’s not only infants and kids who are impacted; many adults also suffer with eczema well into adulthood. While eczema is a complicated disease with multiple underlying pathologies, there is abundant evidence that a large part of the underlying root cause of eczema stems from gut microbiome dysfunction.

In this course, Dr. Julie Greenberg will present the latest published research on the gut-skin connection and will provide an overview of how to use stool tests and organic acid tests (OATs) to treat the root cause of eczema.

Dr. Greenberg will present several eczema case studies with before and after photos as well as lab results. Attendees will leave this talk with an arsenal of new evidence-based clinical tools to confidently treat their patients’ most challenging eczema problems using functional medicine.

Join us on August 30th as Dr. Julie Greenberg ND teaches us about treating the root cause of eczema by treating the gut. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain the pathophysiology of eczema
  • Summarize the current research linking the gut microbiome with eczema
  • Learn how to use stool tests and organic acid tests to treat the root cause of eczema
  • Assess which botanicals and supplements have clinically proven results for treating eczema

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