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Early Detection of Autoimmunity with Immunosciences Comprehensive Panel
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Early Detection of Autoimmunity with Immunosciences Comprehensive Panel

May 4, 2022
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​Join us for this live class with Dr. Aristo Vojdani - Technical director of Immunosciences Lab— — on Early Detection of Autoimmunity using Immunosciences Comprehensive Panel.

Autoimmunity is when, for some reason, the intricate and normally defensive immune system creates antibodies that work against the body’s own cells and tissues instead of against harmful invaders. There are about 100 different autoimmune diseases that plague 5-9% of the adult world population. Lab testing shows that an increasing number of Americans have positive antibody results that indicate autoimmunity. The presence of these autoantibodies can be detected in the blood up to years before the actual appearance of clinical symptoms. This is because autoimmune diseases progress through the stages of initiation (activation), propagation (symptom presentation), tissue damage, degeneration and deformation. The key to successful disease management and treatment then is to detect autoimmune diseases at the initiation stage, and not at the stage of degeneration and deformation when the patient may already be suffering pain and debilitation. This is possible through the use of such blood tests that measure antibodies against ANA, ENA, dsDNA, RF, actin, mitochondria, and immune complexes. This screening for autoimmune disease at the subclinical stage provides a window of opportunity for intervention by healthcare providers.  

Participants will learn more about 

  • Why the magnificent immune system turns against its own host body and causes autoimmune diseases 
  • The role of genes versus environment in the induction of autoimmune disorders 
  • The use of predictive antibodies that can assist healthcare providers to detect autoimmune diseases at the preclinical stage 
  • The importance of blood tests such as ANA, ENA, dsDNA, actin, mitochondrial antibodies, and immune complexes for early detection 
  • How these biomarkers of autoimmunity can determine the progress of the disease and help gauge whether or not therapy implementation has been effective 

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