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How To Interpret The Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot from ZRT Laboratory
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How To Interpret The Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot from ZRT Laboratory

November 30, 2023
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About this class

Thyroid disorders are among the most prevalent and yet often overlooked conditions affecting patients today. As a healthcare practitioner, you have the power to change that narrative.

The Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot offers a new approach to thyroid health, and our live class provides you with the keys to unlock its full potential for your patients.

Join us on Thursday, November 30th at 10am pst as Dr. Allison McAllister from ZRT Laboratory take us into the intricacies of thyroid functionality and the Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot test.

Here’s What the Class Offers:

  • Expert Guidance: Dr. McAllister brings her extensive knowledge in naturopathic medicine and hormone therapy to lead you through the complexities of thyroid health assessment.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Learn how the Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot goes beyond the conventional TSH test, offering a complete assessment for hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and providing insights into thyroid replacement dosages.
  • Advanced Diagnosis: Discover how to utilize thyroglobulin measurements to address and manage low iodine status—a common but frequently missed diagnosis.
  • Autoimmune Insight: Gain expertise in testing for autoimmune thyroid disease, which can be the underlying cause of other health issues.
  • Clinical Application: Equip yourself with the knowledge to interpret the full spectrum of thyroid tests, including the quantification of total T4 produced by the thyroid, to provide personalized treatment plans.

Do you have questions or an Elite Thyroid Profile Blood Spot case study you would like Dr. McAllister to review during the live class?

  • You can submit them using 👉 THIS 👈 form. (We'll do our best to get to all of the questions and case studies during the live class, but we can't guarantee it. 🤞 Thank you for understanding! 💙)

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