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The Oral-Gut Microbiome Connection
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About this class

​​This class is recorded and distributed after the event to all who sign up.

​I am excited to invite you to an online masterclass on the fascinating topic of the oral-gut microbiome connection. This is a great opportunity to learn about the critical role that the oral and gut microbiome play in our health and well-being.

​You will learn about the most recent studies and insights into the complex interactions between the oral and gut microbiome. We'll look at how diet and lifestyle affect the microbiome, the connections between oral health and systemic disease, and the potential for microbial therapies to improve our health.

​The oral microbiome plays a significant role in metabolic pathways such as digestive process, the production of essential nutrients, and the generation of signaling molecules, as well as being intimately associated to the gut microbiome and its modulation of immune responses. We can help stop or optimize a wide range of chronic conditions in human health by knowing how much these vital ecosystems interact.

​You'll Learn:

  • ​Understand the fundamental principles of oral and gut microbiome composition, diversity, and functions in the human body.
  • ​Examine the connection between the oral and gut microbiomes, including how they interact and influence one another.
  • ​Evaluate the impact of diet, lifestyle, and other factors on the oral and gut microbiomes, and understand how to promote a healthy microbiome through dietary and lifestyle interventions.
  • ​Discuss the most recent research on the relationship between the oral and gut microbiomes, as well as how this research can be used to inform clinical practice and patient care.
  • ​Understand the clinical implications of the oral and gut microbiome connection, as well as the relationship between them and the onset and progression of several chronic conditions.
  • ​Learn about cutting-edge technologies and tools for studying the oral and gut microbiomes, and how to use them to improve patient outcomes and promote health and wellness.
  • ​Discuss holistic strategies for improving the rebalancing of oral and gut microbiome in people's health

Join us on March 8th as Dr. Haroldo Magarinos teaches us about the clinical importance of the Oral - Gut Microbiome Connection.

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