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The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test: Concepts & Interpretation
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The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test: Concepts & Interpretation

November 17, 2021
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In this live class, Dale White, M.S., LAc., D.N.B.A.O., Quicksilver Scientific’s clinical consultant, will discuss The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test:  The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test:  Concepts & Interpretation and will be touching on the following learning points:

  • An orientation to the Quicksilver Scientific Mercury Tri Test results and how to interpret them. 
  • Discussion regarding the Blood Results, the Urine & Hair Results along with Reference & Toxicity Ranges for each species of mercury
  • How to interpret liver and kidney Excretion and Atypical Results
  • Several case studies will be presented with a chance to practice! 

Mercury exists in the human body in two different forms, Inorganic mercury, and Methylmercury (organic mercury).  Those forms come from two different sources, have different relative toxicities, and are excreted through two different primary organs, the liver, and the kidneys. 

Utilizing advanced mercury speciation analysis, the patented Mercury Tri-Test is the only test that separates and quantifies the concentrations of each form of mercury in the blood as well as the excretion products in the urine and hair.

With this level of detailed information, the practitioner can identify and eliminate the source of toxicity and compensate for patients with poor excretion. Consistently successful protocols can be created and exacerbations can be avoided. 

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