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The Practical Application of Nutrigenetic Testing with dnalife
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The Practical Application of Nutrigenetic Testing with dnalife

May 11, 2022
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About this class

In this talk Dr Danny Meyersfeld, co-founder of dnalife, will introduce the company’s innovative range of genetic tests.

​Dnalife has been at the forefront of personalised medicine for more than a decade and offers an extensive portfolio of ten unique nutrigenetic reports that span the spectrum of health concerns.  The tests are used by functional medicine practitioners in more than 60 countries across the globe, with reports available in 12 languages.

​Founded on the core pillars of scientific integrity and practitioner education, the talk will take the user on a Nutrigenetics journey; exploring the landscape of testing, the concerns and criticisms of the field, and the advantages offered by adopting the dnalife approach to testing.

​You'll learn:

  • ​an understanding of the history and landscape of nutrigenetic testing
  • ​highlighting some of the key concerns around nutrigenetic testing
  • ​the dnalife advantage
  • ​the dnalife product portfolio

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