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How to Use Blood Testing and the Functional Health Report to Help Your Patients Reach Optimal Health
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How to Use Blood Testing and the Functional Health Report to Help Your Patients Reach Optimal Health

December 5, 2022
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About this class

​​​This class is recorded and distributed after event to all who sign up.

This live class is part 3 of the series of classes Dr. Weatherby has been teaching for Rupa. In this live class, we will revisit the essential blood biomarkers you must order from Rupa to enhance your analysis and assessment of your patient’s blood test results.

Once you know what biomarkers to run, we will demonstrate the integration between Rupa and Optimal DX so those results can be seamlessly integrated into your ODX platform for immediate analysis and assessment. We will dive right into the Functional Health Report (FHR) and orient you to the functional approach to analysis and interpretation.

With the FHR, you can sleuth out the cause of some of the major dysfunctions that plague your patients. Once you know what is going on, it’s time to move into treatment using Optimal DX’s built-in treatment plan builder. In summary, having the proper blood tests in hand and knowing how to do a thorough functionally oriented analysis of the results can empower you to enact science-based disease-prevention programs that can add many years of optimal function to your patients' lives.

The goal of this live class is to teach the attendees:

  1. How to analyze their patient blood test results from a more functional and preventative perspective.
  2. The blood biomarkers they need to be running to maximize the assessment and analysis of their patient’s blood test results.
  3. How to integrate a Rupa account with Optimal DX (ODX).
  4. How to use the Functional Health Report from ODX to perform a thorough functionally oriented analysis of the biomarkers on your patient’s blood tests
  5. A brief demonstration of how to move from Health Insights using the FHR to Health Solutions with ODX’s built-in treatment plan builder and Health Improvement Plan Report 

​​​This free course is hosted by Rupa Health  the best way to order, track, and get results from 30+ lab companies in one place.

Rupa reduces the time spent ordering labs by 90% and provides customer service for your patients around lab test collections.

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