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Supercharge Your Hormone Balancing Expertise With HuMap™!
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Supercharge Your Hormone Balancing Expertise With HuMap™!

June 14, 2023
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About this class

This free live class is an absolute must for any practitioner eager to delve deeper into hormone balancing and utilizing the power of urine metabolite testing.

Hormone imbalances can stealthily infiltrate multiple facets of your patients' health, influencing energy levels, stress response, emotional well-being, metabolic rate, weight control, and sexual health.

Urine metabolite testing with HuMap™ by Doctor's Data unveils a broad-spectrum analysis of steroid hormones and their metabolizing enzymes, providing an invaluable roadmap for targeted treatment and symptom alleviation.

Whether you're a healthcare provider embarking on your journey into hormone balancing, or a seasoned professional seeking concrete, actionable results from urine hormone testing, mark your calendar for June 14th!

Join us as Dr. Hydzik unravels the intricacies of hormone balancing with an engaging, case-based demonstration using HuMap™.

In this free live class, you will:

  1. Unlock the Mysteries of Hormone Imbalance: Navigate through two compelling patient cases - one male, one female - and experience the transformation journey firsthand.
  2. Master the Art of HuMap Interpretation: Gain expert insights into urine hormone and metabolite testing to elevate your understanding of this critical diagnostic tool.
  3. Prioritize with Precision: Learn to leverage both symptomology and testing data to craft highly targeted treatment plans.
  4. Witness the Power of Natural Improvement: See firsthand how testosterone levels can flourish without the need for hormone supplementation.
  5. Address Estrogen Metabolism with Confidence: Uncover actionable strategies to tackle complex estrogen metabolism issues effectively.
  6. Boost HPA Axis Function: Explore lifestyle modifications and supplemental support options to optimize the body's critical HPA axis function.
  7. Witness the HuMap Evolution: Experience the dynamic nature of the HuMap report as it reflects symptom changes post-targeted treatment.

Dr. Hydzik is a naturopathic physician who provides functional solutions for patients with concerns involving hormone and neurotransmitter balance, digestive health, metabolic syndrome, fatigue/stress, insomnia, and more. In addition to seeing patients at Inspire Your Health, Dr. Hydzik is a staff physician at Doctors Data.  

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