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The Heart of the Matter; Cardiometabolic Testing in Clinical Practice
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The Heart of the Matter; Cardiometabolic Testing in Clinical Practice

April 10, 2024
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While heart disease is still a leading cause of death, and obesity, metabolic syndrome and poor nutrition are all on the rise, cardiometabolic testing is a relevant aspect of health. In this presentation, we will uncover the laboratory markers of Cardiac and Metabolic Health. We will discuss the infamous LDL-C levels, alongside pertinent factors such as triglyceride levels. Discover how moving beyond simply measuring absolute values of LDL-C and addressing levels of oxidized LDL-C, small dense LDL-C, and non-HDL-C are better indicators of hearth health. See how markers such as Leptin and Glycomark, are essential indicators of metabolic health. Attendees will take away an deeper understanding of important markers of cardiometabolic assessment.  

 Join us on April 10 as Julia Malkowski ND, DC, BSc discusses the importance of cardiometabolic assessment in clinical practice. This comprehensive webinar is a must-attend for anyone considering evaluating lipid biomarkers. 

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