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Top Trends in Healthcare: 5 Talent Strategies for Winning Big
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Top Trends in Healthcare: 5 Talent Strategies for Winning Big

October 13, 2021
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About this class

Want to add jet fuel for your practice of Functional and Integrative Medicine? Then don’t miss Robin’s insights!

In this class, Robin Stewart, co-founder and CEO of MindBody Talent will profile five of our top tips and trends for creating healthcare practices that generate higher revenue, better job satisfaction for practitioners, and dramatically better success with patients.

Multiple recent industry studies have revealed that 25% of practices following similar methods reported higher revenues in 2020 than any prior year and ZERO practice closures throughout the pandemic. That was in comparison to 15% closure rates, decreased revenue, poorer practitioner satisfaction, and the expectation of more closures in 2021 in conventionally-run practices.

In this class, Robin will provide MindBody Talent’s unique hiring and practice strategy insights, gained from our nationwide work with healthcare practices and practitioners across all disciplines and modalities of healthcare.

  1. Optimum health is a journey - Build your practice and hire for the entire journey
  2. Pivot to your own best version of in-person and remote patient care
  3. Integrate certified Health Coaches into patient care plans
  4. Understand your unique culture and hire to that culture - NEVER compromise
  5. Leverage the efficiencies of smart resources like Rupa Health

Practitioners and healthcare practices that have incorporated these methods of patient care and practice management are winning big in terms of their success with patients, satisfaction with their careers, and the profitability and growth of their practices.

Based on over 20 years of executive recruitment, Robin Stewart co-founded and leads MindBody Talent’s recruitment and talent acquisition services. Many of the top Functional and Integrative Medicine practices across the country trust MindBody Talent to assist with their practice growth strategies and most complex practitioner searches.

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